Round Face Hair Shapes

When choosing a hairstyle for a round face, the goal is to create the illusion of length and add angles to balance out the softness of the face shape. Here are some hair shape suggestions that are generally flattering for a round face:


  1. Long Layers: Long, layered hair helps elongate the face and create the illusion of length. Layers that start near the jawline or collarbone can provide structure and add movement to the hair.


  1. Side Swept Bangs: Side swept bangs can help create angles and visually break up the roundness of the face. Opt for longer, asymmetrical bangs that sweep across the forehead diagonally rather than straight across.


  1. Angular Bob: A bob haircut with angles and layers can add definition and structure to a round face. Consider a chin-length or slightly longer bob that is shorter in the back and longer in the front, creating an angled look.


  1. Pixie Cut: A short pixie cut with texture on top can add height and elongate the face. Avoid styles that are too rounded or full on the sides, as they can emphasize the roundness.


  1. High Updo: Pulling your hair up into a high updo, such as a top knot or high ponytail, can visually elongate the face and create the appearance of more height.


  1. Asymmetrical Hairstyles: Asymmetrical cuts or hairstyles with off-center parts can introduce angles and asymmetry to the face, helping to balance the roundness.


Remember, these suggestions are general guidelines, and it's important to consider your individual features, hair texture, and personal style preferences when choosing a hairstyle. It can also be helpful to consult with a professional hairstylist who can provide personalized recommendations based on your specific face shape and hair type.

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